Terms of Use

What You Can Do: Permitted Use

The license for each design allows use for a single book title, with unlimited number of copies sold. The license also allows use for multiple versions or formats of that single title, including, hardcover, kindle, and audio versions.

You may use your completed cover design for any legal promotional purposes you choose.

What You Have to Do: Copyright Requirement

The copyright notice specified by each particular design, is required to be in each copy of every version/format of your book. Copyright law requires these notices for all designs, regardless of changes or additions you make to them, or derivative works created from them.

What You Cannot Do: Restrictions

You may not post, share, distribute, license, or sell the original (uncustomized) design template itself, or the art associated with the design template.

Use of our products in conjunction with copyright or trademark infringement is prohibited.

It is unlawful to use products and services provided by Cover Design Studio in the following ways: use in any logo or trademark; pornographic, obscene or libelous works; use that depicts an endorsement; use that depicts a model (when the face is clearly recognizable on the cover) in a sensitive or insulting way i.e. mental or physical health issues, substance abuse, criminal behavior, sexual activity or preference without a disclaimer.

You may not post, share, sell, license, or distribute in any way copies of our products or services, neither as a collection nor individually. You may not sell, license or distribute our products in such a way that includes the representation of identifiable individuals, governments, logos, trademarks, or emblems or use these kinds of images in ways that might suggest or imply an endorsement or association with your product, entity, or activity.

Premium/ Full Service Designs

The same rules above apply to Premium Designs.

Change requests for designs that we complete on your behalf will incur a fee of $50. If the need for a change is a result of an error on our end, the change will be free.