1. What formats do you provide?
Templates are available as Photoshop (TIFF), Photoshop Elements (TIFF) and GIMP (XCF).

2. I don’t have the right software.
No problem. You can download GIMP free at our website, and our video tutorial walks you through the complete design. No priors skills are needed.

3. How do you handle RGB and CMYK requirements?
CMYK and RGB refer to the color model used to create colors for your cover.  CreateSpace accepts both versions. Independent printers often require covers to be in CMYK. CreateSpace accepts both RGB and CMYK, while Kindle requires the cover to be in RGB. Our print covers automatically come in CMYK and Kindle covers come in RGB.

The one exception is if you’re using GIMP, which only works with RGB. CreateSpace and Kindle accept RGB.

4. What about resolution and dpi?
We’ve taken care of the resolution for you. All templates are designed to work according the requirements of the Amazon digital platform (for Kindle) and CreateSpace (for print).

5. How am I allowed to use the templates?
Upon purchase you agree to use the template according to the terms of use and licensing restrictions found here. In short, you may use the template for the cover of a single title. The final design, created with the template, can be used for different versions of that same title, including hardcover, paperback, electronic, ebook, and audio. It can also be used for all your promotional materials. See the Terms of Use for more complete information.

6. Can I use the template for something  other than a book cover?
For use  outside of our Terms of Use, contact us here to request written permission.

7. How can I use the front cover image for promotion and marketing?
We encourage you to use your cover design for promotion and marketing. To remove the spine and back cover from the image, save a second version, then use the crop tool in your program. You may also need to reduce the resolution. To learn more, watch the end of the video tutorial for your chosen program.

8. What does my book’s copyright page need to say about the cover art?
Each design comes with the precise wording for your book’s copyright page. Because we work with photographers from all over the world, each template has wording specific to that particular design. The best way to ensure its accuracy is to copy it from the design template and paste it into your document. Once it’s in your book’s copyright page, you can delete if from your book cover.

9. How do I receive the cover files?
When you purchase a cover from CoverDesignStudio.com, you will be able to download your files immediately. You’re downloaded folder will include formats for Photoshop as well as GIMP.

Video tutorials and access to all of the information on our website are free.

10. What trim sizes are available?
Most of our templates work for all trim sizes. They are shown and downloaded at 6 x 9, and can be resized as needed. Be aware that when a perfect circle, or other such object, is used in a design, its shape will be altered/stretched when resized to a book that’s more square (8×10) or more rectangular (5×7). For more on trim sizes, see Additional Information at the bottom of each product page.

11. Do the CreateSpace covers include the back cover and spine?
Yes. Your cover files will be downloaded as a folder that includes everything you need for a complete book cover. The spine is fully adjustable for any page count.

12. Will my self-publishing company accept a cover from CoverDesignStudio.com?
Our covers are guaranteed to work with CreateSpace and Kindle and will work with Lulu, as well.  If you’re using a different publisher or printer, you can try one of our free designs first to test it.

13. Is it easy?
To ensure a seamless process, you can create your cover while watching our video tutorial to guide you step by step along the way. You simply download your template and type your title, author name, and other information into the boxes provided.

14. What if I’ve never done this before?
Our covers are designed specifically for people who have no experience designing or creating book covers. Our designs are easy to work with and include video tutorials for use. We highly recommend using the videos for assistance.

Additionally, we offer free templates so you can try before you buy.

15. Can I change the layout of the template?
In most cases, the graphic elements cannot be moved, but the location, size, and typeface of text are changeable. The Twitter and Facebook icons on the back covers are optional and are completely movable/ adjustable.

16. Do the covers account for the bleed, margin, and/or trimming?
Yes! This means, as with any cover design, that part of the image will be shaved off (usually .25” around the edges). For this reason, we do not recommend moving the location of words and text, because they are placed with these margins in mind.

17. My back cover needs a barcode and ISBN. How will that work?
Each template has blank space at the bottom of the back cover to accommodate the ISBN and barcode, which is provided by  CreateSpace.

18. Can I add my own images?
CoverDesignStudio.com does not guarantee any templates modified with additional and/or outside images. However, image can be easily added if you choose. In order for them to be accepted by CreateSpace, their original size must be at least 300 dpi (ppi). You can check the size by opening either GIMP or Photoshop and then going to File and clicking Open. Then go to Image, and Image Size (for Photoshop) or  Image, then Print Size (for GIMP) a box will open that tells you the size.

You cannot manually increase your own images to 300 dpi. The image will be blurry or pixelated, and CreateSpace will reject the cover, indicating low resolution.