Your book cover is the billboard of your writing

Did you know that most buying decisions are made subconsciously, before the buyer even realizes why he or she is choosing the product. An average of less than three seconds is spent on each book cover as a customer scans a row of books. Unless they are looking for specific title, a buyer’s decision to pick up (or click on) a book is heavily influenced by the cover.

Most self-published writers would love  to wrap their books in well-designed, eye catching covers, but the cost ($400-$1200) can be prohibitive.

Cover Design Studio makes it easy for everyday people to create professional looking books, inside an out. We provide independent authors the resources they need to create high quality, professional book covers and interior layouts. If you want the freedom to design your own cover and the tools to make it look good, you’ve come to the right place.

Your book deserves an exceptional cover—a cover that you feel proud of—one that reflects the quality of your book, as well as the commitment and attention to detail that went into writing it.

With the tools available here, you don’t need to be an artist or a designer to make a great cover. You don’t need expensive graphics programs either. You can use the resources we offer to create an outstanding cover design that will contribute to your book’s success.

By Stacie Vander Pol