Everything you need to create a professional cover that's perfect for your book.

Three different ways to discover the best cover for your book:


    Our full service option includes a completed cover that is ready to submit to CreateSpace and Kindle. You simply provide the information. Once purchased, a Premium Design is no longer for sale to other customers.


    Each layout includes high resolution images and quality typefaces. Our uniquely designed templates provide an easy and affordable way to create your own professional cover design by simply changing the text to fit your needs.


    Get HIGH RESOLUTION, 300 dpi images without paying for the full template design, or use in conjunction with your template. Each of our images has been hand selected and customized for use in book cover design.

Your Book Deserves a Great Cover

You’ve put your whole heart into your book. But sometimes the options for cover design can leave you feeling deflated. Enter Cover Design Studio where you can choose your own pre-made book cover design template that’s just right for your book.

The templates are fully customizable, meaning after you add your own text and copy to the front and back covers, you can move the words around, change the font, size and even the color of the text. Not only that, you can easily add your own images to make a truly custom book cover design.

All of our templates are strategically formatted to fit with the CreateSpace and Kindle platforms specs, so you won’t experience the headaches so common with trying to get a cover approved. Just follow along with the video instructions and submit to CreateSpace or Kindle. It’s that easy.

Your cover should engage readers in such a way that they’re inspired to buy your book.

Your front cover is the image of your book that you have chosen to put out to the world. Invariably, the book cover design is also the most significant piece of marketing that a book can have. It should look as good as a traditionally published book.

As you browse through our book cover templates, look for designs that reflect the mood of your book. Symbolism is important, but remember the cover isn’t meant to be a literal interpretation of the title or the story line. Leaving a little to the imagination is advised. If you’re just looking for ideas to help design your own book cover, we’re happy to have you here too. Enjoy!