Top 5 Essential Tools to polish your Book Design


DIY Cover Templates

Make a book cover in under 1 hour with no experience


You can spend days researching how to make a book cover on your own, only to end up with something that’s not at all what you had in mind. If you want to improve your life as a self-published author and give a great first impression of your book, download one of our stock cover templates.

Choose a design from the DIY Templates and start crafting your book cover design right now. It doesn’t matter how much or little experience you have. Our book templates are built with the beginner in mind.

Templates include start-to-finish video instructions as though someone is right there with you walking you through every step.

DIY Templates are fully customizable book cover designs. Once you change the copy to your own words, the text can be moved resized, color changed, font changed to create a more a personalized look and accommodate different kinds of front and back cover copy.

All of our templates come formatted and spec’d to meet the publishing requirements for CreateSpace and Kindle. No more frustrating book cover rejections.

DIY Cover Templates

Premium Designs

Get your unique book cover in 2 days. We do all the work.

892MSI copyAs a writer, your time is better spent spent perfecting your craft and promoting your book. Writing and launching a book is a huge undertaking. Cover design doesn’t need to be. Our Premium Design collection provides you with an exclusive book cover design and guaranteed results without any headaches when you submit it to CreateSpace and Kindle.Premium Designs are sold on a first come–first served basis, so it’s never too soon to secure the one you want.

We customize the cover design for your book, taking care of all the formatting specifications. We then create the files you need to ensure your cover submission meets the requirements and is approved by CreateSpace and Kindle so you don’t have to worry about meeting their technical details.

After you order a Premium Design, the book cover is no longer for sale on the website and you will be the only person who can purchase it.

Premium Designs

Use Your Own Image: coming soon!

Cover text templates let you add your own cover art

HomePg copySo you want to use your own unique image for your book cover, but you need some help with the text and copy. Our Add Your Own Image Templates allow you the opportunity to use any image you want while still having the support of an easy to use template for customizing text. You can use your own pictures or our Stock Photos. With a few clicks, you’ll have a unique and custom book cover design ready for print or ebook publishing.

Our Add Your Own Image Templates are fast and easy to complete, while allowing full flexibility. The numerous text elements of the template can be relocated, resized, font changed, color changed and re-aligned to suit your specific needs. Step-by-step video tutorials walk you through adding your own image to the template as well as modifying the text. You won’t waste time with trial and error.

Coming Soon!

Stock Photos

Cover art that tells your story

tMC900444655blue copyMass market stock photography websites offer some good options, but often the image needs to be altered or modified by a professional graphic designer before it’s ready for a high quality book cover design.

Our stock images have been curated from photographers around the globe and altered in Photoshop to work as ideal cover art for book design. They are not repeats of the same images you see all over the web, and you will not find them for sale on other stock photography website.

Symbolic imagery and easy locations for text and copy make our high resolution, 300 dpi images versatile for print books through any publisher (including CreateSpace) or eBook platform such as Kindle. They work great in conjunction with our Add Your Own Image Templates as well.

Stock Photos

Interior Book Templates: coming soon!

Format your manuscript in minutes without frustration

wikimedia-ms-word-doc-alt-icon-w2000Formatting your MS Word document into a professional manuscript can be a real nightmare. The program that worked so well suddenly becomes finicky when  you need separate formatting for the chapter headings, page numbers, and footer information. Our simple interior book templates allow you to copy and paste your manuscript into a pre-formatted Word document and, when you’re ready, easily create the necessary PDF.

Along with the internal pre-formatting, all Interior Book Templates include a cover page, copyright page and table of contents page that you can customize for your individual book.

A step-by-step instructional video ensures you will be able to complete the process without stopping to research for answers. It’s easy because the headache portion of formatting your manuscript is already done.

Copy and paste or type over the existing text to quickly convert your work into the format that meets professional book standards, and create a great looking book without losing your sanity.

Coming Soon!


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